Irvineside Farm


The Fergus Tent at Irvineside Farm.

Is it camping? Yes, but better.

Rustic glamping is a happy medium between the natural elements of camping with the comfort and ease of “glamping.” As we hear from guests often, “this is my kind of camping.” … Read More

View from the hammock looking at The Elora tent at Irvineside Farm.

Rustic Glamping? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Yes, kind of like how “a working vacation” is supposed to be a relaxing getaway.  But guess what? Rustic Glamping IS a relaxing getaway because we do most of the work. Your tent is set-up. The beds (yes, really comfy … Read More

Wine and a bonfire.

Girl’s weekend? It’s time.

Girl’s weekend? It’s downtime, but upscaled. Prioritize the sacredness of friendships and create a space to tune into the people who know our hearts, our authentic selves, the ones who knew us before the busy took over. Our sisters-from-another-mother, and if we’re lucky, the sisters in our family too. … Read More

Quality time is simple, affordable and fun.

Quality time is simple, affordable and fun. If the last few years have taught us anything (besides the need to wash our hands a lot), it’s that quality time with the people that matter to us is precious and fleeting. … Read More