Irvineside Farm

Irvineside Farm

Irvineside Farm

Is it camping? Yes, but better.

The Fergus Tent at Irvineside Farm.

Rustic glamping is a happy medium between the natural elements of camping with the comfort and ease of “glamping.” As we hear from guests often, “this is my kind of camping.”

What does rustic glamping at Irvineside Farm look like?

In a word: beautiful. But here’s how we took camping, mixed in the comforts of home without messing with nature and transformed this historic farm property into a rustic glamping experience. This is what you can expect:

  • The tents are put up for you. You don’t need to lug all that gear or take time to map out the poles. Just arrive and walk in. Everything’s ready.
  • The beds are made for you – fresh, clean sheets on seriously comfortable beds. Seriously. Everyone loves our mattresses.
  • 2 communal bonfires on site and we supply the firewood and fire it up for you. You pack the marshmallows!
  • We have a 4-stall full-washroom trailer. Clean. Flush toilets. Hot showers. Well lit vanity and mirror. Privacy. All you need is your towels and toiletries.
  • We have propane bbqs on site, but you are most welcome to bring your own Coleman stoves or camping cooking gear. We have a sink to wash up and potable water to refill those water bottles.
  • Did we mention, we make you coffee in the morning? We do. It’s good. We’re up early to ensure your morning starts off right.
  • Games? Yeah, we’ve got those. From lawn games for outdoor fun to indoor silliness inside the barn we’ve got ping pong, darts, cards and board games. It’s a great space to play.
  • What if it rains? No worries. Your tent stays dry and bonus – you don’t have to pack up a wet tent and soggy gear. The sound of rain on a tent that isn’t wet may be one of the best sounds on earth, just sayin’.
  • The great outdoors isn’t just for the north country. At Irvineside Farm, we have the best of Elora’s great outdoors with a rural blend of natural forests, a stream, spontaneous wildlife sightings (deer, foxes, and Gary the ground hog) and birdsong to make the most beautiful soundtrack of every day, plus the wide open green spaces to stretch out and kick back on a plush lawn and look out over crop and cattle fields. We’re sure the chickens will join you too.
  • Like camping, we are an affordable option for family-friendly travel, but like hotels and motels, we take care of your bedding, keep the tents and washrooms tidy and the property is maintained by hosts who actually live on site.

Rustic glamping is for everyone – even the people who don’t love camping. It’s perfect for multi-generational families. It’s great for those who need a peaceful getaway, but don’t want to invest in camping equipment, or the hassle of packing it up. It’s wonderful for families who just want to get out and play together, or for couples who just want to jump out of a busy life and relax together, and for best friend getaways it’s the BEST.

Irvineside Farm is camping, only better and we’ve created it for you, because we think you need the break too.

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