Irvineside Farm


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6783 Gerrie Road, Elora, ON N0B1S0

Check-in: 3pm
Check-out: 11am


Irvineside Farm is part of CK Maggs Adventures. Our season runs from the May long weekend until the end of September. We can’t wait to share this special place with you!

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How far is Irvineside Farm from Elora?
We are 5kms from the heart of Elora.
How far is Irvineside Farm from Fergus?
We are 8kms from downtown Fergus.
What time is check-in?
What time is check-out?
Are dogs/pets allowed?
No. Sorry, but no. There are few good reasons for this. First, we are surrounded by wildlife and do our best to live in harmony with them, but they can be unpredictable neighbours. You’ll hear the coyotes often on a Saturday night. Raccoons and foxes are frequent visitors too. And trust us, if the skunk makes an appearance, well, imagine that smell in a canvas tent. Secondly, we have “pet” chickens and bunnies. They are cherished. We’d like to keep them safe and well, the wildlife makes that challenging enough. Although we love dogs, not all of our guests do. We respect that.
Can we bring the kids?
Yes, absolutely, but we need to talk about accommodations. If your children are too young to have their own tents, (under the age of 12, we don’t recommend it – it’s dark out here!) – then they have to bunk in with you. That means you need to provide air mattresses and bedding for your children. It’s a tight squeeze, but hey, you’re family, right? Please be sure to let us know you are bringing your kids – we can help you pick good locations and can help with tent layout.
Is there electricity in the tents?
No. We’re rustic. The point is to unplug, right? But if you need access to power for a CPAP machine, please give us notice at the time of booking. Given the space of our property, we are limited in options, but we’ve got a few.
Do you have WiFi?
The barn has WiFi. That means, of course, the further away from the barn you are, the less likely you’ll have WiFi. So don’t plan to Netflix and Chill in your tent. But you can check emails and upload fun photos and videos you’ve made at Irvineside Farm, so we can see them!
Do we need to bring firewood?
No. We’ve got you. We’ll even get the fire started for you.
Do you really make coffee in the morning for your guests?
Sure do. We have the mugs and basic supplies (we aren’t Starbucks, so let’s not get fancy). We’ll serve it up in the barn.
Are Solo or portable bonfire bowls/kits allowed?
Sorry, no. It’s against the by-laws out here.
Is there a quiet time for the property?
Yes. We ask that you turn the volume down on whatever you’re up to at 11pm. Out in the country, noise travels far. Our neighbours are amazing people and very polite cows, so we respect their spaces as much as our own.
Can we bring an extra pop-up tent?
No. Nice try. We’re not a campground. Seriously though, our washrooms can only take so much usage and we can’t overrun the system. We accommodate 24 guests at a time.